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2004, August 3... All broken links are restored...
2003, February 15... The joint gig of Orphan and DLM took place. A few video clips from this gig are available. The Music section is updated
2002, December... Trying to record some old things with a new quality. A new bass player - Sergey Djumaniyazov. We prepare for a new material. English version of the site - our thanx to Johnson.
2002, January... At last we gathered again, although there are only two of us left. It's been more than 4 years since we played for the last time. To prove the fact of our existence we decided to design this site - before we had no an opportunity to do this. We tried to place here everything associated with out past doings - pictures of us and those who was with us; old records of doubtful quality though still enough to get an idea of what we played and sang... Thanks to everyone who remembers about us. We are still alive ;-)


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