Set up in 1990 in Kustanay under name of Friday the 13th. Band line up was: Vladimir Asanov (Cherep) - guitar, Sergei Lapuhin - bass, Rustam Bulatov (Skazka) - vocal and guitar. Later Victor Davityan (Tyan) - drums joined the band. The rehearsals were held in the local Institute under the wing of Kustanay rock club. Aa for the music itself Friday the 13th played hard rock claiming on thrash metal. In due course Lapuh was sacked fron the band - other members just "forgot" to tell him about next rehearsal. Having in store only 3-4 songs they started thinking of a new name for the band. Here are some variants: Brainstorm, Liechtenstein, Frranz.

In 1992 Skazka's singing didn't fit to new standards since they decided to play death metal being inder impression of such bands as Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Death. the vocalist was found instantly - his name was Konstantin Sheiko, he was one of the students who often hang around at the rehearsals. The only thing he left to the band was lyrics for "Hell On Earth" song. It was during that period when songs like "Cenotaph", "War", "Re-Anomation" were written and became part of the band's repertoire for long time.

The most productive and favorable year was 1993. Firstly at last the name for the band was chosen. The group was named Orphan after ancient legendary Black sabbath's support band, which perished with its full complement in a plane crash. Second they found a vocalist who could growl like in tough death metal bands. He came from Alma-Ata and his name was Gorbyl (Sergei Gorsht in passport, born on January 7!!!). Besides he was bearded and long-haired, and looked evil on the whole. Skazka qwitched to bass and place of the second guitarist was occupied by Denis Afanasiev (Bucks).

That was the time when history of Orphan started in its classic line-up: Gorbyl - Cherep - Bucks - Skazka - Tyan. After hard rehearsals and gettign approved by the local Philharmonic Society the first gig was performed on February 11, 1994. In spring of the same year in Rudny a demo was recorded which included 4 tracks represented in Music section. Also in Rudny Orpan played their second concert whaich became the last for Skazka who got married and left for Russia.

In autumn of 1994 they did everything else - wrote new songs, participated in Profane Public project. Bucks was made into bassist and the second guitarist became Yuriy Novogrenko (Dlinny) - and old friend of the band. On New Year's Eve they again performed in Rudny in Club of Young Sailors, though they played songs from Profane Public project in three: Cherep - Bucks - Tyan.

In spring of 1995 Orphan played in Magnitogorsk on Art Platform festival. After that it was a long lull which lasted till the next Magnitogorsk festival during which they played without Dlinny but took the third place amoung groups playing in ROCK category. In summer of the same year Orphan participated in Youth to Century XXI action in Kustanay. In autumn they played their last (up to this day) gig which was held in DK Yunost in Kustanay supported by local band DLM.

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